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What happens when six women accidentally summon a Demon from the bowels of hell?

Calling Darkness is a horror-comedy audio drama from the pens of NoSleep Podcast writers S.H.Cooper and Gemma Amor. 

Cower in fear as our guest star Narrator (details coming soon) guides you around Crowe House. Tremble as you listen to the terrifying yet titillating adventures that take place within the walls. Come and say hello to our intrepid gang of girls, a special book, a Demon, and other odd folk. 

Featuring voice talents from across the world of audio and podcasting, fully immersive sound, and a script to die for- quite literally- you are listening to Calling Darkness. 

Oct 31, 2018

Coming February 2019 to possess a podcast app near you.

Six women. One book. And a demon from hell. This is Calling Darkness, an audio drama that follows the mishaps of six girls who inadvertently summon a demon. Calling Darkness is a horror comedy show from the pens of NoSleep writers, S.H. Cooper and Gemma Amor.


Kate Siegel as The Narrator 

S.H. Cooper as Bridgette Milsen

Gemma Amor as Gloria Smith

Victoria Juan as Mariela Williams

Allison Brandt as Cassie Waters

Desdymona Howard as Annabelle Crowe

Charlotte Norup as Nadia Olsen

Justin McCarthy as Uncle Ned

Owen McCuen as Father Montgomery

Dan Zappulla as Phineas Daws

Erin Lillis as Mrs. Morwood

Graham Rowat as Lialga

Audio Production and Design by Kristina Manente & Holly Ritchie

Music Production and Design by Amy Balcomb

Character Artwork by Mediogre

Podcast Logo and Artwork by Desdymona Howard

Executive Producers: David Cummings & Alex Aldea

©2018 Audio Drama Queens