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What happens when six women accidentally summon a Demon from the bowels of hell?

Calling Darkness is a horror-comedy audio drama from the pens of NoSleep Podcast writers S.H.Cooper and Gemma Amor. 

Cower in fear as our guest star Narrator, Kate Siegel, guides you around Crowe House. Tremble as you listen to the terrifying yet titillating adventures that take place within the walls. Come and say hello to our intrepid gang of girls, a special book, a Demon, and other odd folk. 

Featuring voice talents from across the world of audio and podcasting, fully immersive sound, and a script to die for- quite literally- you are listening to Calling Darkness. 


The Cast and Crew of Calling Darkness Podcast


The Girls 

Six very different girls meet at an acting seminar held in the home of disgraced actress Annabelle Crowe... 

Bridgette Profile Picture
Bridgette Milsen

Bridgette is sweet to your face, but don't turn your back on her! Always looking for a leg up over the competition, she likes people to think she’s all bubbles and rainbows whilst cleverly plotting their demise (she thinks she hides it well...she really doesn’t). Her acting is...questionable, but she thinks she’s got skills. A spoiled child from a moneyed family, she is used to getting her way. But in Calling Darkness, all that is glitters is definitely not gold...

Voiced By: Co-Creator and Co-Writer S.H.Cooper 

Gloria Profile Pic
Gloria Smith

Gloria is dry and British, like a well distilled gin. She is a little world-weary, but then, aren't we all. She is a classically trained actress who doesn't need acting lessons, and doesn't scare easily. She moved to America to escape something in her past, has dramatic flair... but can also be kind, and diplomatic when the girls argue. Also likes to swear and smoke.

Voiced By: Co-Creator and Co-Writer Gemma Amor

Mariela Calling Darkness Podcast
Mariela Williams 

Mariela is a small girl with a big attitude. Originally from Kentucky, this aspiring actress tried to make it to New York, but only got as far as Chicago. Currently jobless, she's a girl with big dreams...but life so far has had other ideas. She hopes to gain more than mere acting tips from Annabelle's seminar...

Voiced By: Co-Creator Victoria Juan

Cassie Waters 

Cassie is 'the nice one', but it's always the nice ones that you have to watch, isn't it? A genuinely sweet girl with some very well-disguised anger issues, she’s otherwise warm, polite, and wants everyone to get along... but around this many colorful personalities, that ain’t easy. She absolutely loves puns and finds them to be be the highest form of comedy (we agree with you, Cass). She’s easily dazzled by the experience of others around her and is hoping she’ll learn skills necessary to launch her career. If acting doesn’t work out...well, there’s always stand up. Or hosting. Or something. 

Voiced By: Co-Creator Allison Brandt 

Annabelle Crowe 

Annabelle is our acting coach, a rather old-fashioned and serious young lady from a very well-to-do family. She is now the sole resident, along with her housekeeper Mrs. Morwood, of Crowe House. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that there’s something off about the family home, but Annabelle remains oblivious. Ms. Crowe was a D-list actress in her heyday, but after a highly publicized meltdown on live radio, she was forced out of Hollywood in disgrace. Her acting seminar is her attempt to regain her lost status, and prove to the world that she’s still got what it takes.

Voiced By: Co-Creator Desdymona Howard 

Nadia Olsen 

Nadia is Annabelle's Danish cousin. She's also a witch, on a mission. Need we say more?

Voiced By: Co-Creator Charlotte Norup


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